February 21, 2017

Cream Filled Pizzelles (Trubochki)

Cream Filled Pizzelles (trubochki): creamy, elegant and beautifully shaped waffle-like pastry filled with the best condensed milk filling. These are very popular during holidays, weddings and all kinds of special events. They will become a staple in your home!

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Pizzelles are an Italian dessert, but we have converted it into one of our own based on the puff pastry trubochki that all Ukrainians make and love. We roll them into tubes, fill them with delicious filling and sprinkle with powdered sugar for an elegant touch. In fact, we usually call these ‘waffle tubes’. They are extremely popular during major holidays, weddings and different events.

The Cream Filled Pizzelles kind of remind me of cannoli, except those are usually filled with ricotta cheese and fried in oil, while this dessert is made on electric appliance and filled with creamy filling. I’ve been making these way before I was married, since 2010 or somewhere around that time. I don’t know what is it about them that makes people enjoy them so much. Before I got married and even now, every time there’s a church gathering or a family party, I would always be asked to make these. One request though: ‘lots and lots of cream’ – from one end of the pizzelle to another.

Every time I make these, my kids always eat plenty without filling and then more while filling with cream. If you find yourself enjoying these without cream, don’t be surprised. It happens all the time! 🙂

This recipe calls for a batter-like dough and is baked using a pizzelle maker. I’ve been using this exact Chef’sChoice 834 PizzellePro Maker ever since. They used to be rarely on sale for around $60 back then, but now you could get this exact for $40 or maybe even lower. As new appliances become available on the market, the older lose value. (which is great for us, right?)

How to Avoid Soggy Pizzelles?​

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is how to make pizzelles crispy and not soggy. When you make the pizzelles, single-layer them on a baking sheet or tray and do not cover with plastic food wrap. I place a napkin or a paper towel on top to avoid lint from falling onto them. Leave them for 4-5 hours at room temperature to completely dry. Sometimes it might take less. They will become crispy and you can enjoy them as a cookie for a month, with no filling. That said, you can bake these ahead of time and fill with cream whenever you need to. It’s one of those recipes that are so perfect for events when you’re trying to make as much dishes ahead of time as possible.

cream filled pizzelles

Secrets to Perfect Cream for Pizzelles:

I have always used the same filling to cream these pizzelles. The touch of condensed milk goes a long way with these. When you make the cream, it’s important to use refrigerated ingredients, such as cream cheese and condensed milk and keep the cool whip frozen just until ready to use. Follow the instructions in the recipe below to avoid over-beating the cream. It should be smooth and thick, not runny in any case. If for some reason the cream turns our runny, try refrigerating for 30-60 minutes; it should do the trick.

Pizzelles Batter Ingredients:

  • Large eggs – room temperature
  • Granulated sugar
  • Fine salt
  • Grapeseed oil (canola or vegetable works too)
  • All-purpose flour – sifted
  • Vanilla extract

pizzelles ingredients

Pizzelles Filling Ingredients:

  • Cream cheese – refrigerated
  • Sweetened condensed milk – refrigerated
  • Cool whip – frozen (preferably extra creamy)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Powdered sugar for dusting – optional

pizzelles cream filling

How to Make Pizzelles:

Scroll down for the printable Cream Filled Pizzelles recipe.

  1. Preheat the pizzelle maker.
  2. Beat to combine eggs, sugar and salt.
  3. Add oil, vanilla and all-purpose flour.
  4. Spoon batter onto pizzelle maker and bake.
  5. Quickly roll each pizzelle right away and single-layer on a baking sheet or tray.

pizzelle batter how to make pizzellesHow to Make Cream for Pizzelles and Fill:

  1. Beat refrigerated cream cheese until smooth.
  2. Add in refrigerated condensed milk and vanilla extract and beat to combine.
  3. Add frozen cool whip and beat until cream is smooth and thick.
  4. Fill a piping bag with attached tip and pipe each pizzelle fully, from both sides.
  5. Dust with powdered sugar for an elegant touch and refrigerate until ready to serve.

cream filled pizzelles recipe

pizzelles with cream

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cream-filled pizzelles

Cream Filled Pizzelles (trubochki): creamy, elegant and beautifully shaped waffle-like pastry filled with the best condensed milk filling. | olgainthekitchen.com

Cream Filled Pizzelles (Trubochki)

5 from 14 votes
Servings: 25
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

Creamy, elegant and beautifully shaped waffle-like pastry filled with the best condensed milk filling. These are very popular during holidays, weddings and all kinds of special events. They will become a staple in your home!


Batter Ingredients:

  • 4 large eggs - room temperature
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine salt
  • 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil (canola and vegetable work too)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour - sifted

Filling Ingredients:

  • 8 oz cream cheese - refrigerated
  • 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk - refrigerated
  • 4 oz cool whip – frozen (preferably extra creamy, not original)
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar for dusting – optional


  1. Preheat pizzelle maker while you make the batter. In a medium bowl, with an electric mixer, beat 4 eggs, 1/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 tsp salt on high speed until eggs are lightened in color and sugar is dissolved (about 2 minutes).

  2. Add the rest ingredients: 2 tbsp oil, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour. Beat everything together until flour is all mixed in, on low for about 1 min.

  3. With help of 1 tbsp measuring spoon, spoon batter onto each pizzelle design, close the lid, count to 13-14 seconds and quickly but gently take baked pizzelles off using disposable fork. Working quickly, wrap the hot pizzelles around the wooden stick that comes with pizzelle maker. (You have to work fast, otherwise the pizzelles will cool and break when you try to make cylinder shape). Repeat with remaining batter. Single-layer on a baking sheet or tray to cool and dry. (Do not stack these in more than 1 layer while drying. They will become soggy and get squeezed, losing the round shape).

  4. To make the filling: In a medium bowl, with an electric mixer, beat 8 oz cream cheese on high speed (about 1 min). Add in 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract and beat for 1 minute. Lastly, add 4 oz frozen cool whip and continue beating until filling becomes thick and smooth (2-3 minutes on high). Fill a piping bag with cream and fully pipe each pizzelle (both ends). For final touch, dust with 1 tbsp powdered sugar. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Recipe Notes

  • Avoid soggy pizzelles: Single-layer baked pizzelles and cover on top (to protect from lint) with paper towel or napkin until pizzelles are dry (4-5 hrs). These can be baked ahead of time and filled days later. 

  • If filling turned out a bit runny: Use refrigerated ingredients when making the filling. If for some reason the cream turns out runny, refrigerate for 30-60 minutes; it should do the trick.   

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Author: Olga in the Kitchen

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  • Shannon

    Do these cookies have to be refrigerated after baking or will they be ok stored in a container?

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Hi Shannon, if you’re not filling them, then yes you can store them in a container. I had stored some for 2-3 months when I ran out of cream in the past. But if you’re filling them, then yes, you have to refrigerate because of the dairy in the cream. If you want them to be crispy and no cream, you can even let them sit uncovered for day or two. Even if you decide to fill them in later, they won’t be soggy, will be more on the crispy side. ? Hopefully that helps!

  • Katie

    Hi Olga,

    This looks great! I have made faux-cannoli before similar to this and they got soggy once they went in the fridge. I’m not sure if it was something in my pizzelle batter or the fact I had such a heavy filling, but I’m curious if these lose some of their structure/strength once they sit/go in the fridge, or what you might advice to keep that from happening.


    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Katie, in order to keep them from getting extremely soggy, I always let them dry before filling. Once you baked them, don’t cover with anything, let them dry and let the pizzelle become hard as a cookie. Also, make sure that your dough doesn’t have too much flour. Even though flour is all-purpose, there’s always difference in brands. When you bake the first pizzelle, and if it turns out a bit too thick and might even break when you roll, add some oil or butter (depends which one you use in the recipe). I even try to keep them on the darker side; the darker the crispier. 🙂 My family doesn’t like soggy either. You might even consider not putting plastic food wrap over them once you fill and refrigerate, but make sure you don’t have strong stuff in your fridge like onions or some sausage, otherwise these will absorb those smells and will have “interesting” taste.

  • Gloria

    Hi Olga,
    I dab each end in a bowl of holiday colored nonpareils to make them more festive

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thanks Gloria for awesome advice! That’s a nice thing…that you can get creative with these pizzelles for any occasion! ?

  • Rachel

    This recipe is much much better than my usual pizzelle recipe I used to make in the past. I never tried frosting with condensed milk, but I loved it. It’s not like one of those buttercream frostings that it’s so thick, it’s smooth, but a bit on the runny side, and it works great with the pizzelles. I even tried this frosting recipe on the cake, It was to die for! Thank you for sharing and showing me there’s something better than I’ve been making lol You’re the best!!!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thanks Rachel 🙂 I tried different frosting for this recipe and everyone started complaining because it wasn’t as delicious lol So sometimes I even do 1/2 cup instead of 3/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk. It will be slightly less sweet and slightly thicker. This recipe seems to be the most popular on the blog. I wonder if it’s because of the frosting 🙂

  • Alena

    How many days in advance can I bake this so they don’t become soggy? And when should I fill them? Thank you.

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Alena, you can bake them even a week in advance. If you don’t like them soggy, place them in a single layer so that they dry up and cool completely. I keep them at room temp, covered with a napkin. If you want them really crispy, fill them few hours before serving, but I fill them a day before the event, that way they are not completely soggy and not really crispy either; just perfect. Giving them time to completely cool and not stacking them up, is the main step to prevent them from being soggy and the pizzelles having beautiful round shape that would make filling them much easier. Hope this helps! Thanks 🙂

  • Rimma

    Hello, I don’t have canola or grape seed oil on hand, can I use sunflower oil?

  • Chris Ammendolia

    I have never seen extra creamy Cool whip…what can i use to substitute or add to make creamier?

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Oh interesting. Every store around me carries original, extra creamy and lite. You can use original instead. Extra creamy makes the filling slightly thicker but you can refrigerate for like hour before using the cream so it’s more on the thick side. This filling in general is smooth and soft, it’s not extremely firm like buttercream, but the taste is amazing! Hope this helps 🙂

  • Lena

    Very good filling. I used it to fill puff pastry trubochki. They were delish.
    I liked the consistency and the texture of it.
    I had a little bit extra cream left, and just kept eating it.
    Thanks for sharing
    Merry Christmas

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Lol you made me laugh because I always snack on the extra cream too if there’s any left ? I’m glad you liked it. My husband always tells me to completely fill the pizzelle so I try my best to make sure it’s completely filled. Merry Christmas to you too!!

  • Julie

    Have you ever tried making cream with cooked condensed milk? I wonder if cream texture would be more thicker…

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      I haven’t tried for the pizzelles, but I did for other desserts. My family always loved them these way. You know how they say ‘if it’s not broken, why fix it’ 🙂 . You can use dulce de leche instead. I keep condensed milk refrigerated. I’ve been adding only about 3 tablespoons of condensed milk lately and it’s plenty sweetness. I’ve never had issues with runny cream. Just make sure to use frozen cool whip, cold cream cheese and cold condensed milk. I’ll make sure to add few more notes/tints to the recipe in case anyone ever does end up with runny cream. I noticed sometimes a brand of cream cheese also makes a difference. I try to stick to Philadelphia lately as other brands I used in past changed something and their cream cheese makes my frostings runny for other desserts. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Ellie Nelson

    I tried 6 different recipes and yours was the winner. These turned out so good and that filling is so yum. 😋

  • Rena

    This is the only pizzelle recipe I make all the time. First time I made them a year ago for my sister’s engagement party and they were such a huge hit. I constantly get asked to make them over and over again. Thank you for your delicious recipes!! You rock!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thanks Rena, I’m so happy you love these so much and keep coming back 🙂

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      I’m not sure how the condensed milk would affect on heavy cream, but I did try just the cream cheese, heavy cream and powdered sugar to fill these. It was delicious too. We like the condensed milk flavor better so we always go with the recipe one 🙂

  • Greta

    This is such a creative recipe. I’m Italian and I always make cannoli with ricotta cheese, but never thought of converting these pizzelles into dessert. These turned out beautiful and so good. I’m also making your roasted cabbage recipe tomorrow morning (for the second time). Your recipes are my biggest inspiration. Thank you!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thanks Greta for such a beautiful review. Let me know how the cabbage turns out 🙂

  • Julian Williams

    The best dessert I ever made! SO so good. My husband, my mom, my sisters, my friends – everyone loved these. The filling is so good, I kept eating it while filling the pizzelles. Thanks Olga for the recipe!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thanks Julian for a great review, I’m so happy your family and friends enjoyed these 🙂

  • Rosanne

    With so many eggs and so little flour…do these really bake solid?

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Yes..I’ve been making this recipe for like decade. 🙂 They always turn out perfect. Always make sure to read full recipe/notes before starting any recipe, but these are really easy. 🙂

  • nicole (thespicetrain.com)

    These sound incredible and look SO beautiful! Love the sound of the cream, I’m a huge fan of sweetened condensed milk, what a great idea to use it in a filling like this. Thanks for sharing, Olga! 🙂

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thanks Nicole, the sweetened condensed milk seems to be the favorite filling for desserts for everyone. But then who wouldn’t love it 🙂

  • Oksana

    These turned out super good. I’m making them for sister’s wedding in couple weeks.

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