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Welcome to my Kitchen! My name is Olga. I’m a wife, mother, baker, cook, blogger, photographer, video creator, printables designer and a social media boss. I live in Washington with my little family of five.

I started Olga in the Kitchen in 2017 as a personal blog. It was just an easy way to share my favorite recipes with family and friends. It has grown larger than I have imagined that I decided to start making videos and not only show what to cook and bake, but show how to with step-by-step photo and video tutorials.

My family immigrated from Kostopil, Ukraine and we all reside in Washington state. We are actively involved in Ukrainian Slavic Pentecostal Church. We are a family who loves to sing, play different instruments, praise God, follow and live by the Word of God. I come from a family who absolutely love to cook and bake, and I’m here to share generations of recipes that are family-friendly, fresh, authentic, healthy and homey. Most importantly, our recipes taste delicious and you can trust that they actually work.

From a very young age, I had been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, watching my mom and older sisters make delicious food and very often we did it as a team. I held on to those moments and as I was reaching into my teens, I started baking even more. I always thought of myself as more of a baker than a cook and being a self-taught home baker myself, I’m dedicated to providing well-tested recipes and sharing everything I’ve learned along the way.

Before I post a new recipe, I test it dozens of times in my own kitchen, even if it’s one of the recipes I had been making many times over the years. The ingredients I use are simple and can easily be found in stores. In the addition to many recipes on the site, you’ll also find helpful kitchen tips, baking basics lessons, step-by-step photos and video tutorials that will help you gain confidence and experience in your own kitchen.

I’ve written, photographed and published many recipes as a team of one. While I don’t have any cookbooks yet, my work has been featured at popular online medias including Taste of Home, FeedFeed and more.

I truly hope Olga in the Kitchen will be your first stop to Ukrainian recipes for any occasion. I’m thankful you’re here to share this blogging journey with me!