Can I use your recipes or photos on my website or blog?

I’m really honored when someone wants to share my recipes. Even though all photos and recipes are property of Olga in the Kitchen site, there are certain ways you can share by following my rules.

  • Recipes: Please include a clear link back to my home page and the original recipe and do not share full recipe without putting them into your own words, otherwise search engines will assume we have duplicate content and both of our sites will be in trouble.
  • Photos: Please use only one (final) picture and not the step-by-step instruction photos and do not add our own watermark to Olga in the Kitchen photos and claim as yours. If you want to use more than one photo or if you have any additional questions, contact me at olga AT olgainthekitchen DOT come

I made your recipe, but it didn’t work for me.

All recipes posted had been done at least ten times prior to posting. Most come from decades of doing. Each recipe is tested and re-tested. Before posting each recipe, I still test it 4-5 times before the final post. I work very hard to be as precise and as descriptive as I can be, sharing any additional tips and tricks, if any. I try to include a photo of every step needed for each recipe. However, if you decide to substitute an ingredient, add or remove an ingredient, use different timing – you will most likely end up with a different results, which I cannot be responsible for. If you’re planning to make a recipe and thinking of switching something around, contact me prior to making changes. Be as detailed as possible, and I will do my best to help you with any suggestions I might have.

You bake a lot of desserts, decorate them. What’s the best decorating kit would you advice to buy?

In the past, I used Ironwood Gourmet Deluxe Icing set (which now goes under Fox Run Icing Decorating Set), but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. When I worked with slightly softer/runny frosting, the tips didn’t hold the shape. Therefore, I switched to Wilton Master Decorating Tip set (55 piece), which is more than enough to decorate any dessert and it holds any shape with any kind of frosting. This is the one I would recommend.

Which kitchen tools would you recommend? (Baking sheets, baking utensils, saucepans, skillets)

I try to include a link in posts where I use certain kitchen tools. You can also find my favorites under “Shop” page. I only share products that I’ve been using for years and which I love and would recommend to use. Overall, most of my bigger kitchen tools are branded Anolon (nonstick). I absolutely love the brand; it’s very sturdy, easy to maintain and with proper care I know it will last decades for me.

I want to start my personal blog; do you have any advice that will save me the headache?

Blogging is exciting, but at the same time takes a lot of time and sometimes can be intimidating to start. Check my post “My Blogging Journey – Two Year Blog Anniversary” where I talk about my first couple years of blogging and how I started.

What camera do you use?

Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera 2 Lens Bundle

Do you have help with your blogging? Who takes all the photos and posts the recipes?

I’m my own all-in-one team. I cook, I snap photos, I edit and I post. At the moment, I can only blog part-time as I have 2 little ones who need my attention while my husband at work. In 2018 I started making videos for simpler recipes; just thought it would be kind of fun. You can also check my YouTube channel. I get asked a lot, how I do it all? I would say all those computer classes back in high school and my job as a studio photographer are finally paying off.

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