December 10, 2021

Crepes With Cheese (nalisniki)

Crepes with Cheese (nalisniki): thin and delicate filled with farmer’s cheese filling that melts when you cook in butter or oil. This dish can be made ahead of time, either in full or in part. It’s one of the major dishes at weddings, holidays and major events. You can also enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or during snack time!

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Crepes with Cheese (nalisniki): thin and delicate filled with farmer’s cheese filling that melts when you cook in butter or oil. This dish can be made ahead of time, either in full or in part. It’s one of the major dishes at weddings, holidays and major events. #cheesecrepes #crepes #farmerscheese #olgainthekitchen #cheeserecipes

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Cheese crepes, nalisniki, cheese blintzes – this dish has many names. It’s very popular among Slavic families, not just at weddings and different events, but also for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. There are many ways to make crepes and many varieties of fillings to fill these. They seem complicated to make, but once you make them once, you will always make them. They are so easy, slightly time consuming, but always turn out amazing and you can never go wrong with them!

This crepes recipe was shared with me by my sister Alla. They are sweet, creamy, cheesy and always in demand. She likes to fill them with a cream cheese filling, but I’m more on the farmer’s cheese side so I always fill them with homemade farmer’s cheese. This recipe is always a crowd-pleaser and always gets so many compliments. The results are always beautiful!

Can Crepes be Made Ahead of Time?

Yes! This dish can be made ahead of time, either in full or in part. The crepes may be cooked, cooled completely, stacked and wrapped well one day and filled the next day. They can also be filled and frozen for up to 2 months and heated when ready to serve.

Can Crepes be Reheated?

Yes! We do it all the time, especially when we are making crepes for the crowd – there are always leftovers. Refrigerate cooled leftover crepes until are ready to use. To reheat, add 1-2 tablespoons unsalted butter or oil to a skillet over medium-low heat and heat crepes until heated through and golden brown (if desired).

Reheating Crepes

Secrets to Perfect Crepes:

  • Use a non-stick skillet. I always use small skillets so these turn out smaller in size and you don’t have to cut them in half once filled.
  • Use a thin-edged spatula to flip over the crepes.
  • Use eggs with really yellow egg yolks. Egg-Land’s Best or Happy Egg are my favorite.
  • Use whole milk for truly creamy results.
  • Cook crepes at lower temperature to prevent from burning and having hundreds of darker spots.

Can Crepes be Frozen?

Absolutely yes! I do it often myself. Layer filled crepes in a plastic container with parchment paper or plastic food wrap in between the layers. You can also wrap each crepe in plastic food wrap and place into freezer bag. Preheat a skillet over medium heat, add some oil and heat until golden brown. These crepes freeze very well and good up to 2 months.

Crepes Batter Ingredients:

Crepes Ingredients

Crepes Cheese Filling Ingredients:

Crepes Cheese Filling Ingredients

Quick Tips for Crepe Recipe

  • Use blender for easiest and quickest way to make the batter
  • If batter turns out too runny, add couple tablespoons of flour
  • Use a cookie scoop to ensure all crepes are equal in size and thickness
  • Use a thin-edged spatula to flip the crepes and prevent from tearing
  • Cool crepes completely before stacking and wrapping with food wrap

How to Make Crepes with Cheese:

Scroll down for the printable Crepes with Cheese recipe.

  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth and well combined.
  2. Pour crepes batter into pre-heated skillets and cook until golden on both sides.
  3. Combine and cream together: farmer’s cheese, cream cheese, cool whip, granulated sugar and vanilla extract to make cheese filling.
  4. Fill crepes generously with cheese filling, fold and roll in.
  5. Refrigerate and enjoy throughout the week.

Crepes Batter Ingredients

Crepes Cheese Filling

Crepes for Weddings, Events and Large Parties:

When I make crepes for a big gathering, I always increase the serving amount. I would double the ingredients for blender and then do another double, making 4 servings or so. The easiest way to serve these for the crowd is to stack them in a baking dish and heat in the oven. I don’t think anyone would want to stand or even have time to heat these on the stove, especially if there are hundred crepes to be heated.

When I roll the crepes, I single layer in a glass baking dish, brush the first layer with melted butter and do another layer. I do maximum 3 layers in a 5-quart baking dish, brushing with unsalted melted butter between the layers. Adding more than 3 layers will take longer time to heat crepes thoroughly and will take forever. The butter between the layers prevents the crepes from sticking to each other once heated.

While my guests are enjoying the main course, I preheat the oven to a 300°F. Cover the crepes with foil and heat for 50 minutes. Remove the foil at 35-minute mark to get a bit of golden finish to the crepes. Crepes are heated through if all butter is completely melted and the baking dish is really hot on the bottom. Make sure not to keep them in the oven for prolonged time or the crepes will start cracking. High oven temperature will also lead to crepes cracking before they are even heated through.

Crepes with Cheese Filling

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Crepes with Cheese

Crepes with Cheese (nalisniki): thin and delicate filled with farmer’s cheese filling that melts when you cook in butter or oil. This dish can be made ahead of time, either in full or in part. |

Crepes with Cheese (nalisniki)

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Servings: 30 crepes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes

Crepes with Cheese (nalisniki): thin and delicate filled with farmer’s cheese filling that melts when you cook in butter or oil. This dish can be made ahead of time, either in full or in part. It’s one of the major dishes at weddings, holidays and major events. You can also enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or during snack time!


Crepes Batter:

Crepes Cheese Filling:


To Make Crepes:

  1. Place ingredients for crepes batter into blender in order they are listed: 4 large eggs, 2 tbsp granulated sugar, 1/8 tsp fine salt and 1 cup all-purpose flour.

  2. In a glass measuring cup, microwave 1 1/2 cups whole milk for about 40 seconds. In a separate bowl, melt 4 tbsp unsalted butter and then combine with milk. Pour the liquid over flour in the blender. Blend together for 1 minute or until smooth and well combined. (If batter seems too watery, add 1-2 tbsp flour).

  3. Preheat 2 non-stick small skillets over medium heat. (2 skillets will make the process go faster). Wipe the skillets with oiled paper towel.

  4. Pour about 2-3 tbsp of crepes batter into the skillet. (I use a 2-tbsp cookie scoop). As you are pouring into the skillet, swirl the crepes batter to evenly coat the bottom. If you get small gaps, you can fill them with more batter. Cook until the bottom is lightly golden (about 1 minute), then flip the crepe using a thin-edged spatula to easily get under the crepe. Let the other side get golden and transfer the crepe onto a cutting board. Don’t worry about first crepe not turning out all nice; happens most of the time to all of us!

  5. Repeat with the remaining batter, wiping skillets with oiled paper towel every 4-5 crepes. Don’t stack hot crepes on top of each other. Layer crepes in a single layer on a large cutting board to cool. Then stack crepes on a dinner plate and wrap with plastic food wrap, leaving tiny hole for air, but covering the crispy edges. The edges will soften and will not break when filling with cheese.

To Make Cheese Filling and Complete Crepes:

  1. In a large bowl, cream together 1 1/2 cups farmer’s cheese, 4 oz cream cheese, 2 tbsp cool whip, 1/2 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract until smooth and creamy. (Set aside until ready to use or refrigerate if not using right away).

  2. Using a small spatula or dull knife, spread 1 generous teaspoon of cheese filling on each crepe, in a thin layer. Fold 2 opposite sides of crepe and roll the crepe into a log with the cheese filling on the inside. Refrigerate crepes that aren’t being served. These will stay fresh and delicious in fridge for up to a week.

To Serve Crepes:

  1. Melt about 1 tbsp of unsalted butter in a skillet over medium heat and saute the rolled cheese crepes until golden brown on both sides. Be careful not to burn them. Serve with dollops of sour cream, jam or fresh berries on a side.

Recipe Notes

  • To heat crepes for the crowd: Preheat the oven to a 300°F. Cover crepes in baking dish with foil. Heat for 50 minutes. Remove foil at 35 minute mark. Crepes are heated when butter is melted and the bottom of the dish is really hot.
  • To freeze crepes: layer filled crepes in a plastic container with parchment paper or plastic food wrap in between the layers. You can also wrap each crepe in plastic food wrap and place into freezer bag. These crepes freeze well up to 2 months.

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  • Yana K

    Delicious! I trippled the recipe and used a whisk instead of the blender. Ive made nalisniki before but this was the first time that I combined the warm milk and butter together and it was a super tip, made the batter combine so nicely. Thank you! Everyone loved them, Your recipe will be my go to from now on.

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thank you for sharing that with us, Yana and thank you for the wonderful review! 🙂

  • Jacquelyn A. Bonds

    Hi Olga:
    I have been searching for a make ahead crepe casserole recipe for a crowd and I was thrilled to find you. I will be trying it tomorrow to serve for Bastille Day on Wednesday for my group. I am of Polish heritage and the word Nalisniki caught my attention. Thank you for saving the day with your great recipe.

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      This recipe works great for a crowd. We always make these in casserole for our 40+ immediate family gatherings. I hope you and your guests enjoyed it as well 🙂

  • Lena

    Hello Olga, thank you for your recipes! I am wondering if you can make crepes using crepe maker instead of a skillet? Thank you!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Hi Lena! If you have experience making crepes using a crepe maker, then yes it would work the same way as if you were to do any other crepe recipe. I have purchased a crepe maker in the past and ended up returning it. I did not like the process and results – seemed like it took forever.

  • Marissa Mayduk

    I have tried many crepes recipes in the past, but none beat this crepe recipe. These are just so addicting and the fact that I did not feel them with cheese like in this recipe, boy was I missing out. These crepes are simply marvelous. The crepes themselves and the filling are so so good. It was a must for our Christmas family dinner and everyone enjoyed every bite of these! Highly recommend this recipe for anyone!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thank you for the wonderful review, Marissa! I’m so happy to hear you and your family enjoyed this recipe! 🙂

  • Jessica

    These are the best crepes recipe! We make them with cheese and with jam for breakfast and they are always such a hit!

  • Angelina

    Would these be ok without cool whip? Anything I should substitute it for or can I just leave it out?

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Yes, you can definitely omit the cool whip. I always add it for the extra flavor. You don’t need to replace it with anything.

  • Rita

    I am hosting a wedding shower and the timing of it is for brunch – I am going to try making these – please keep your fingers crossed for me! I’d there any other cheese you can use besides farmers cheese????

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Hi Rita! You can use cottage cheese instead of farmer’s cheese. If you do, rinse it in cold water and drain the excess water from cheese. I’m confident these will turn out just perfect 🙂

  • Laurel

    I’ve made more then half of your recipes and once again you’ve outdone yourselves. These crepes with cheese are magnificent!! The filling is to die for. Such a wonderful blog you have here!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      I’m so happy you enjoyed these. Thank you for a beautiful review 🙂

  • Lee N.

    These turned out soooo good, I never tasted such delicious crepes before. My family loved it A LOT!

  • Sasha

    I LOVE your crepes recipe! It’s so creamy and fulfilling and filled with your farmer’s cheese recipe? I think i just made the best dish like in forever! Thank you for sharing, this is why I started cooking from your blog these past few months. The food is soooo good and your explaining of steps is so easy to follow.

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thank you Sasha for the beautiful review. I’m so happy you discovered us and enjoying our recipes 🙂

  • Natasha

    These crepes always turn out so beautiful, too pretty to eat 🙂 I love this recipe and how creamy it is. I especially love putting everything into blender and having batter made in couple minutes. Thank you!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thank you, I’m so happy you enjoy making these! 🙂

  • Emily

    These were a huge success! So creamy and sweet and with sour cream? So yummy. Thank you again for sharing best recipes in the world!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Thank you Emily! I’m so glad you liked these so much 🙂

  • Rena

    Olga, will cream cheese work by itself? I’m visiting my family and they never heard of farmer’s cheese 😳 ( I shares your blog and your farmer’s cheese recipe with them)

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      The texture will not be the same, but it will work. Use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar and you might want to add some cool whip (whipped topping) to firm it up.

  • Ami

    I tried making crepes with my grandmother when I was younger, but she didn’t use measurements and I never really learned lol but now you’ve got the perfect measured recipe. Thank you!😊

  • Juliya

    I made these crepes last weekend and making them again today. These are the very best crepes I have ever made. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      My pleasure! I’m so happy to hear that. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Jackson

    Best crepes recipe ever!! I visited Ukraine last summer and fell in love with their crepes. I asked my wife to make me your recipe and they turned out SO SO GOOD!!! She said these are the best she had ever tasted . Thank you!!!!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      You’re welcome Jackson! I’m so happy you and your wife enjoyed my recipe 🙂

  • Olya

    Oh my crepes!!! THESE ARE AMAZING! I might have gained some weight too since I cannot stop eating them lol Thanks Olga!!!

  • April M.

    I’ve been looking for such creamy and sweet recipe for a while now and I’m in love. I already cooked them, just need to fill but I’m afraid there won’t be any to fill because these crepes are so so good by themselves. I might have to make another serving tonight. Thank you for sharing. Your recipes are always so unique compared to other Slavic ladies that I cook from and I always go to your blog first when I’m looking for recipe, before I go to others. I love how you explain in detail and it’s so easy to follow and impossible to screw anything up lol. Thanks Olga!

    • Olga in the Kitchen

      Haha..that’s why I always have to double the recipe too. Thank you for your kind works. Reviews like yours keep me motivated daily and make me not want to leave my kitchen ever! 😀

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