Ingredients: onion peels, water, eggs, nylon stockings, thread, fresh parsley or other herbs.

Fill pot with onion peels, add water and submerge onion peels into water. Bring to a boil and simmer. Remove from heat, leave overnight-24 hrs.

Wrap parsley around the egg. Wrap the egg into stocking, tighten by connecting the ends of cut stocking together and tie with thread to secure.

Add eggs into pot, making sure eggs are fully submerged in water. Boil eggs 7-8 minutes or to desired color and texture.

Once the timer is up, transfer eggs immediately into a bowl with ice water. Leave eggs in cold water until cooled to room temperature.

Traditionally we use these dyed Ukrainian Natural Easter Eggs to play the egg cracking game, when we take turns trying to crack each other’s eggs.